6 Steps for successful detox

Have you ever felt the lack of energy all time? Have you wondered why the other person sitting next to you is full of energy all the time?

Our body is equipped with the ability to internally clean itself. Imagine how many poisons that you have consumed your entire life, all the sugars and preservatives, all the pesticides, smokes, cigarettes (the list goes on) and yet, you still live.

However, these toxins are always accumulating in your body, causing your natural balance to shift. When it becomes too much, you’ll suffer conditions such as bad skin and acne and feeling low energy all day. These symptoms are actually your body crying out for help to remove the toxins inside.

There are 6 things you can easily do to remove toxins (detox) from your body.

1 . Drink water a lot

More than 70% of our body is made out of water. Therefore, water is without a doubt, very important to us. Simply drink more water would result in reduction of toxins within your body by helping your digestive system remove feces, which contains everything that our body do not like, including toxins.

2. Drink lemon water every morning

Through drinking lemon water, some has reported that their skins are getting better and that they are feeling more energetic.

The point is to help your digestive system get rid of the toxins as quickly as possible.

3. Detox smoothies is your friend

Use healthy fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, avocado and oranges to prepare your smoothies. For variations, throw in some berries and seeds if that’s what you prefer. These ingredients are not only natural and healthy, it’ll certainly keep you full until your next meal.

4. Detox tea/Green tea

Antioxidants that are contained in these teas help a lot in detoxing the body. Herbal teas are also recommended as replacement for your regular coffee. One that comes highly recommended is the Red Tea detox. I’ll have a link for a 20$ discount at the bottom.

5. Good ol’ exercise

Exercise promotes sweating, and sweating get rid of toxins. Sounds simple enough right? Personally for me, not so much!

6. Stop consuming poisons

Instead of detox, it is even better if you could control the intake of toxins in the first place. Sugary drinks are the ones that are very difficult to get rid of. If you can’t get rid of all, try to get rid of some at first. Your body will thank you in 20 years time.

Do you feel like you need detoxing? Let me know in the comment below about how the steps are working for you.

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